How Soda Affects Your Bones?

We’ve all heard health-conscious folk and dietitians go on and on about the high sugar content in sodas. And if you’re trying to loose weight and get beach-ready for the summer, then you’ll probably have to stay miles away from the stuff. In fact, your weight is probably what comes to mind every time you reach for a fizzy bottle and take a guilty sip.

Those dietitians and thin girls and fit guys aren’t wrong. Forget diabetes and cholesterol and what not (not that they’re not important), the most obvious and easy-to-spot impact that soda can have is on your weight. And once you become obese, it’s very hard to get back in shape.

To begin with sodas, you will not find any nutritional value in them. They are just sugar water and have been found to stimulate the genes that can cause weight gain, according to a 2012 study. (2) Even the diet sodas are not free from this disadvantage by being sugar-free; they impact metabolism in a way that can lead you to gain weight, says Lisa R. Young, Ph.D., R.D., C.D.N., adjunct professor of nutrition at NYU. You can only find around 26 gm of carbohydrate in a can of soda and added sugar.

Sodas and Your Bones: Why Should You Avoid Them?

Cold Drinks have been a rage amongst young kids, teenagers as well as adults, since forever. The comfort that this sugary drink provides is divine. People drink soda to beat the heat, to satiate their thirst and sometimes, substitute it in place of water. This isn’t exactly healthy but the fact that people prefer it to take it with their meals like once or twice a day raises serious problems to their health.


The Top Ways Drinking Soda Affects Your Bones

Do you think about which are those? Bones? Heart? Calories?

High Fracture Risk

According to leading wellness and health website,, they quote that there is an linked association between people who have a really high intake of soda increases the risk of fractures. That factor comes into play when people take a low intake of milk and a high intake of soda in their diets promoting the brittleness of bones.

Habit of Not Drinking Nutritious Liquids

Since, the people who are susceptible on drinking soda and unhealthy drinks, chances are these individuals aren’t going to drink as much as nutritious liquids as other people who have a good calcium diet, the doctors say.These habits indirectly amount to osteoporosis and bone fragility.

Low Bone Density

Some researchers have found out that the relation to soda and bones is extremely serious.

In one of these studies, it is found that a good thousands of men and women who drank three or four cola- based sodas a day, had nearly lost up to four percent bone mineral density in the hip region, whereas the people who drank non- cola based drinks, had normal bone mineral density.


Drinking soda on a regular basis also brings down the bones to deformation and can ultimately give you osteoporosis.

WHY? You may ask. It’s because the phosphoric acid that is present in higher amounts in soda and cold drinks leads to bone loss.

Did you know phosphorus is an important bone mineral? Since people are habituated to chug in three to four sodas a day, it starts accumulating in your bones, and the higher percentage of phosphoric acid that you’re getting more than the appropriate amount of calcium is needed, results to bone loss and fragility.

If you’re a soda drinker, UP your CALCIUM

First of all, it would be better to lower your soda intake to once or twice a week and if you can’t do that, make a rule that you’re only going to drink it on the weekends.

If you can’t let go of it completely, try to up your calcium intake through rich calcium foods like milk, or having a breakfast filled with dairy products or eggs. You need to at least get a sufficient amount of calcium in your diet through sun or any Vitamin D supplements.

TIP: Vitamin D supplements can be taken after consulting your doctor according to your age and preference.