How soda effects your body

While the debate continues on the contentious issue as to whether Sodas qualify as excellent beverages all over the world, one thing is for certain: Various studies have shown the correlation of these drinks and a host of health complications. More so, while drinking soda every once in a while might not pose any significant health risks, making it a habit can increase your likelihood of suffering from various health related complications. This is because in most cases, these types of beverages often comprise of lots of sugar, other chemical and compounds, which pose significant health risks.

Soft drinks such as sodas are popular amongst most people nowadays, but the side effects of such a habit are many. There are several types of sodas, and most manufacturers use sugar compounds such as fructose syrup, which has been linked to a host of health complications. Consuming sodas on a regular basis, even diet sodas might not be a good habit. It is important to note that Drinking soda has been linked to various health complications. Some of the major ones including:

Effects of soda on your body

Liver disease- the liver works in tandem with other organs such as the pancreas to maintain the blood content for optimal cell functionalities. Consuming soda increases the accumulation of fat around the body organs by as much as 23%, which can compromise the functionality of the liver. This type of fat is known as ectopic fat, and it is believed to pose more health risks than subcutaneous fat, which often accumulates under the skin area. The ectopic fat is dangerous and might compromise the capabilities of various body organs especially the liver.

Cardiovascular complication- consuming soda increases the amounts of cholesterol levels in the blood and the blood pressure as well. More so, the high levels of sugar in most sodas increases the body mass, consequently compromising cardiovascular activities in the body and the production of cholesterol. Even consuming as little as one can of soda everyday predisposes you to the risk of developing cardiovascular complications and this comprises of even diet sodas. One study showed that consuming sodas, especially those with high levels of sugar increases the chances of stroke by 10%.

Metabolic syndrome- this is a cell function related complication that is often symptomized by increased blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and high triglycerides in the body. One of the leading causes of metabolic syndrome is when individuals consume high sugar content, such as fructose syrup, which has been shown to affect the metabolic activities in the body. As a result, this condition compromises your body`s ability to break down food and produce energy.

Diabetes and kidney stones- Researchers have also determined over the years that beverages that have sweetening compounds such as fructose syrup may increase the likelihood of suffering from diabetes, especially in children. In fact, people who consume large amounts of sugary drinks, have a 25% greater risk level of developing diabetes than those who do not consume such drinks. More so, sodas that contain high levels of both phosphoric acid and fructose corn syrup have also been connected to kidney stones. Kidney stones is a painful condition, which tends to affect senior men, and those who consume sodas are likely to be affected.

Pancreatic cancer and osteoporosis- Consuming sodas on a regular basis also increases the likelihood of suffering from pancreatic cancer. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Cancer Research showed that sweet beverages increase the development of cancer cells. The study showed that pancreatic cancer cells develop much faster and that pancreatic tumor cells feed on the sugars found in most sodas. These tumors metabolize these sugars differently, which promotes their division and growth process. More so, the types of beverages also compromise the density of the bones, especially in women. This is due to large amounts of phosphoric acid, which tends to affect the mineral densities of the bones.


All things considered, sodas may have a sweet taste, but the side effects of consuming such drinks, especially in large amounts are inherent. Various research studies have shown several links of drinking sodas and health complications. These drinks are not healthy, and people should settle for other alternatives such as fruit juices.